SYRIZA historian: Greece should import 1 million immigrants

He said that the country needed the immigrants to address the ageing population

Historian Antonis Liakos, a member of the leftist major opposition party SYRIZA, expressed the view that Greece should import 1 million immigrants to address its collapsing birth rate.

In a piece posted on his Facebook wall, the leftist historian argued that the Greek authorities should be focusing on ways to solve integration and housing of immigrants instead of being fixated on their ideology (missing the glaring irony of him also being driven by his open border ideoology…)

He justified his proposal by pointing to the fact that Greece, along with other Balkans countries were surrounded by nations from Africa and Asia (Turkey) which were experiencing a population explosion, while their own populations were collapsing and ageing.

“In Greece, the population has been steadily declining since 2010, and if it had not been for the 900,000 refugees of the 1990s, it would have shrunk and aged much earlier.”

“If this government had an ounce of brains and be less fixated on ideology, it should be adopting a different language, it should be preparing the people, taking positive steps and lead by example. It is doing exactly the opposite. It’s a government with a Mitsotakis facade and a Samaras soul. Patriotism at its lowest level,” he said.