Tasmanian tiger declared extinct 80 years ago “spotted” eight times

What was thought to be the last one of its kind died in Hobart Zoo in 1936

Eight reported sightings of a creature believed to be extinct are forcing experts to wonder whether it could still be alive.

The Tasmanian tiger, a large striped marsupial carnivore with almost Loch Ness Monster status Down Under, was thought to have died out in 1936, when the last one known died in captivity.

But newly released Australian government documents show sightings have been reported as recently as two months ago.

The species, officially called a thylacine, resembled a cross between a large cat, a fox and a wolf. It had yellowish brown fur, powerful jaws and a pouch for its young like a kangaroo.

Among eight sightings in the past three years was one from a couple from Western Australia visiting the island of Tasmania in February, who said they saw one of the creatures crossing the road.

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