Teacher, 52, on trial for allegedly having sexual relations with girl, 14

The medical examination revealed no sexual intercourse

A 52-year-old teacher will face trial on charges of having an affair with a 14-year-old girl. The defendant is accused of seducing and entering into sexual relations with a minor.

The teacher allegedly broke into the home of the 49-year-old student’s father on November 30, 2019, at a time when the family was absent.

When the father returned home with his 45-year-old wife and 14-year-old daughter, the accused saw the minor and said “you were out” and then assaulted the father.

The wife called the police as the two men continued to fight. During the struggle, the accused, who was subdued by the father, allegedly told him that he was in love with his daughter, informing the parents about their relationship.

The minor, according to sources, stated in her first testimony that she initially had a friendly relationship with the accused from her school and when she was transferred to another school, they had contacts through Facebook.

Their relationship evolved and in September 2018 they met and kissed, while from April 2019 their relationship became more erotic, with the minor claiming that she had expressed her denial many times.

In her second testimony, the minor partially changed her initial deposition, saying that what happened between her and the teacher was done consensually without violence or coercion, while she detailed how they met and they developed feelings for each other. She stressed that he was kind to her, that he had gifted her a bracelet, and that she did not want him to be persecuted.

The teacher, on the other hand, in a written statement, denied the accusations, claiming there was no rape, nor sexual intercourse, adding that it was a platonic love affair and he would never violate her dignity.

The teacher also stated that he is not going to go into details that would affect her personality, while any act that was performed was done after the completion of the 13th year of her age. The medical examination of the girl showed no proof of injuries or rupture of the hymen. The medical examiner will decide if there was sexual contact.

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