The 20 most obese places in the world (interactive map)

The fattest nation might surprise you

Obesity is a worldwide problem, but is especially prevalent in the developed countries with the sedentary lifestyle and the nature of work. The most obese people in the world reside in America. But surprisingly, it’s not the America most might think. In fact the fattest people live in the nation of the American Samoa – an unincorporated territory of the United States in the South Pacific. There an incredible 74.6% are considered to be overweight. Kuwait is the only non-Pacific island to feature in the top 10, as Nauru, Tonga, Samoa, Palau and Kiribati are in the top 10 chart. The data was taken from the CIA’s World Factbook.

1. American Samoa
2. Nauru
3. Cook Islands
5. Tonga
6. Samoa
7. Palau
8. Kiribati
9. Marshall Islands
10. Kuwait
11. Saint Kitts and Nevis
12. Micronesia
13. The Bahamas
14. Barbados
15. Belize
16. Qatar
17. Egypt
18. United States
19. Saudi Arabia
20. Bahrain