The 5 most majestic lakes in Greece (photos)

Unparalleled beauty

The natural beauty of the Greek lakes reflects the unique landscape of the country. It is no coincidence that they have played a central role in both in the lives of the locals and the famous Greek mythology and the gods.
Closely linked to the human element and the growth of the cities located nearby and the surrounding areas, the Greek lakes are an enchanting sight for their visitors. Let’s take a quick tour of the 5 most beautiful ones:

Lake Trichonida Area: 96 km. Maximum Depth: 57 m

More than 140 species of birds – 30 of which are endangered – find shelter in extensive reeds and the lakeshores, while impressive calcareous marshes located in the shallow coastal areas are biotopes of particular scientific interest.
Perennial plane trees, willows, oleanders, walnuts, eucalyptus and “fertile seas” from olive groves and citruses constitute landscapes of exceptional natural beauty.

Prespes Little Area: 47.35 sq km. Maximum depth: 8 m

Great Area: 272 km. Maximum Depth: 55 m

Of the most important wetlands in Europe, Prespes is the perfect refuge for migratory birds and other fauna.
Hundreds of species, many under extinction, nest and breed there, among which are the Dalmatian pelicans, the cormorants and the herons.
Visit the Observatory and take watch the birds with the expert aid of the members of the Greek Ornithological Society who will let you get up close with their telescope.

Plastira Lake Area: 25.2 sq km. Maximum depth: 60 m

Known as “Little Switzerland”, Lake Plastiras is located in an idyllic setting of incomparable natural beauty that will leave the visitor speechless.
It is one of the largest artificial lakes in Greece that was created at the site where, during antiquity, the water of river Tavropos flowed into Acheloos in the south.

Lake Pamvotis Area: 23 sq. Km. Maximum depth: 5 m

Two main features of the lake stand out:
The incredible peninsula with the historic castle and the tall minarets and the island – the only inhabited and “anonymous” lake island in Greece – resting in its green waters.

Lake of Kastoria Area: 28 sq km. Maximum depth: 9 m

The exceptional beauty of Lake Orestiada of Kastoria is a sight for the visitors to behold.
It is estimated that it was formed 10,000,000 years ago and its present form is the remnant of an older lake that covered 164 square kilometres.