The complete list of countries Greece to open up to for tourism expected today

The plan for a Covid-19 free summer

The country’s high level of readiness for the pandemic in view of the escalation of the tourist wave centred on the Greek islands, was the focus of attention yesterday during the broad government cabinet meeting under the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, as the list of countries, which will be allowed entry into Greece from tomorrow will be finalised today, after the relevant consultations at EU level.

The final list will cover air, shipping and road transport to and from third countries, which will intensify government preparations at all levels.

The climate of moderate optimism in the government is reinforced by the fact that Greece “as a destination is showing the largest increase in the world in airline ticket bookings according to international reports such as the Financial Times”, as Mr. Petsas pointed out.

In this context, from tomorrow, July 1:

· The arrival of ships from abroad in Greek ports will also be allowed.
· The entrance points of Evzoni, Kakavia, Krystallopigi, Promachonas, Nymfaia, Kastania and Kipi are opened, restoring the full road connection of Greece with Turkey, Bulgaria and Albania.

On the other hand:

· Ban on direct flights from the United Kingdom and Sweden will remain until July 15,
· While for third countries (other than the European Union) Greece intends to move on the basis of the list compiled by the EU.

The government’s final preparations for yesterday’s broad inter-ministerial cabinet meeting include how to carry out targeted tests, protocols at all gates of the country (accessible on the State Department’s website), and disease protocols. and reference hotels, in the event of an accident.

Meanwhile, the new online platform launched by the government aims to further mitigate any risks and record/trace any emerging risks of tourists entering the country. There, visitors will be obliged to complete a special form 48 hours in advance with:

· The data of the incoming,
· The country of origin
· And the place where he will live in Greece.