The Countries Hosting The Most Displaced People Per Capita (infographic)

Aruba is on the top

One in every 95 individuals across the globe is either a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum compared to 1 in every 159 in 2010, according to a new report from the UN. Even though the global refugee crisis remained generally stable in 2020, 82.4 million people remain displaced across the world as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations or events seriously disturbing public order.

Even though Turkey is the world’s largest refugee-hosting nation in absolute terms with just under four million displaced people, mainly Syrians, within its borders, the picture looks different on a per capita basis. When it comes to the countries hosting the most displaced people per 1,000 of their inhabitants, the small island of Aruba actually comes first as a result of the crisis in Venezuela. In late 2020, Aruba hosted 159 displaced persons per 1,000 of its inhabitants, ahead of Lebanon and Curaçao with 128 and 102 displaced persons hosted per 1,000 of the population, respectively.

source statista

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