The eight Turkish officers are free regarding the third request of the Turkish judicial authorities

Turkey isn’t going to like this a lot…

“There is no reason to detain them”, said Prosecutor Georgios Voulgaris for the eight Turkish officers, following the new, third, request of the Turkish judicial authorities forwarded to the Greek judicial authorities through the Foreign Ministry.

The Constantinople Criminal Court wants the eight Turkish officers to put them on trial for eight offenses in the neighboring country.

More specifically, on 8 February 2018, Deputy Prosecutor Efstathia Kapagiannis, after the third request of the Turkish authorities, ordered the detention of the eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Alexandroupolis after the failed coup d’état of 15 July 2016 in Turkey.

The offenses they are charged with are:

– The attempt to abolish the Government of the Republic of Turkey or prevent it from carrying out its mission,
– The attempt to abolish the constitutional order,
– The attempt to abolish the Great Turkish National Assembly or obstruct it to carry out its mission,
– Participation in an armed terrorist organization,
– The attempted murder,
– Desertion in a foreign country,
– The theft of military hardware and
– The damage to military material.

The eight Turkish officers who were detained in the Police Station of Olympic Village due to pending asylum applications were brought today before Georgios Voulgaris, who ruled that there was no need to detain them – as to the criminal aspect – after the third request of the Turkish judiciary authorities.

They then returned to the Police Station of the Olympic Village and await the judgment of the Council of State in relation to one of the eight that the Administrative Appeal Evgenia Mylonopoulou, through an interim order, stopped his asylum application and then resigned from the case and from the asylum committee she was chairing, as well as the decisions of the asylum committee on the outstanding claims of the other seven military personnel.