The EU fully backs Cyprus against Turkish aggression

Tusk said in a statement the EU 28 stood fully behind Cyprus on the matter

The informal EU Summit in Sibiu, Romania ended with the EU28 leaders expressing their full support to Cyprus over the Turkish provocations in its EEZ via illegal drilling activities.

“Today, President Anastasiades also informed the leaders about the Turkish drilling activities within the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus. The European Union stands united behind the Republic of Cyprus and expects Turkey to respect sovereign rights of the EU Member State. The European Council will continue to follow these developments closely”, said the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk in a statement.

After addressing the need for swift decisions as a guarantee for effective EU institutions, Tusk promised that new leadership positions within the EU would be filled in June, immediately following European parliamentary elections. He also stressed the need for geographic, demographic, and gender balance in the Council’s appointments.

According to Greek diplomatic sources, the EU is likely to take action against Turkey at the next European Councils, either on May 28 or on 20 June.

However, the same sources noted that in the Summit in Romania the debate did not include any proposals for the adoption by the EU of counter-measures against Turkey: “This is the next step to consider what kind of measures can be taken”, they noted.