The four draft bills to be tabled next week

On Monday, four bills will be tabled in Parliament including Humanitarian crisis, ERT, arrears and Law on Protection of first residence

The four draft bills by the leftist SYRIZA government are as follows:

Humanitarian crisis

Tackling the “humanitarian crisis”, which Greek PM Alexis Tsipras said has hit society of the last five years, entails: as “is our duty to a society suffering in the past five years”, said the Greek Prime Minister.

– Providing free electricity and food to 300.000 households

– A housing program for 30.000 beneficiaries and a plan to reduce evictions


A 100-payment installment plan to repay tax and pension fund debts

Tsipras estimated that 3.7 million taxpayers who owe up to 5.000 euros are eligible for the plan.

Will include:

– Abolishing the provision that allows for the arrest of people with debts of up to 50.000 euros

Law to protect primary residences from foreclosures
– The law will be “exceptional” in nature
– Cover residences whose objective tax value does not exceed 300.000 euros.


The state-run broadcaster (Ert) will return to its former stature.

The draft bill will contain provisions that don’t burden the state budget (not the monthly fee tacked on to electricity bills to fund the broadcaster).