The island of Milos hosted the ECOPOLIS Environmental Sensitivity Awards 2018

In total, 27 awards were given this year to people that have contributed significantly to the promotion of environmental sensitivity through their disciplines

The non-governmental organization ECOCITY gave in the evening of Saturday, June 2nd and for the 14th consecutive year, the ECOPOLIS Environmental Sensitivity Awards. The Award Ceremony for 2018 was held with great success at the Greek island of Milos, something that has its own symbolism as the island is known for its geothermal activity and resources.

In total, 27 awards were given this year to people that have contributed significantly to the promotion of environmental sensitivity through their disciplines.

All the awards were accompanied by the statuette created by the young geologist & artist from Milos Sophia Trapatselis from stone lava and copper in a symbolic composition that represents the protected flora and the unique geophysical identity of Milos.

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This year’s award winners are:

 Ecopolis 2018: Life Dedicated to the Environment Award
Lakis Koukiasas, lifetime achievement award

 Ecopolis 2018: Scientific Work Award
Professor Anastasios Karabelas, lifetime achievement award

 Ecopolis 2018: Scientific Awards
Stathatou Patricia
Aggelidou Margarita

– Ecopolis 2018: Academic Dissertations Awards
Maria Hatziyianni
Ioanna Zotou
Maria-Iosifina Kasdagli
Pavlos Touboulides
Andreas Nikiforiades
Gogo Eleftheraki
Odyseas Piperagas

 Ecopolis 2018: Organizations’ Awards
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Institute of Technology and Research, Institute of Electronics and Laser, Hellenic
Army, Region of Crete, University of Crete
University of Patras, Department of Primary Education, Department of Geology &
Department of Chemistry
 Ecopolis 2018:

 Ecopolis 2018: Local Government Awards
Municipality of Vrilissia
Municipality of Agia Paraskevi in cooperation with ERT
Municipality of  Platanias
Municipality of Nestos

 Ecopolis 2018: Media Awards
ERT-3 for the program “Herbs are the Fruit of the Earth”
Prokopis Giogiakas, journalist

 Ecopolis 2018: Businesses Awards
Attica SA
Εpta SA

 Ecopolis 2018: Honorary Praise
Women’s Association Genisea, Xanthi