The moment a man fights off two wild Komodo dragons (video)

The photographer managed to fend them off with a pair of sticks

Two wild Komodo dragons were stopped from boarding a tiny rowboat with just a pair of sticks.

The magnificent moment was captured on video as the huge heads and forked tongues of the dragons rose just above the surface of the water as they swim towards the boat.

Two of the large reptiles could be seen trying to board the boat as they snapped at the pronged sticks jabbing at them in the water.

As they push themselves put of the water the pair of predators are prodded away by the men in the boat.

The stunning footage shows what lies beneath as the dangerous predator’s powerful legs propel it through the water in pursuit of a meal.

These remarkable photographs were taken off the coast of Rinca Island, Komodo National Park, Indonesia, from a rowboat by photographer Andy Lerner, from Los Angeles.