The most romantic gift of true love (photos)

After a life of struggles, the elderly man took out wads of money he had saved over the years to buy his wife a diamond ring

An 80-year-old Chinese man spent his entire life’s savings to buy his wife of around 50 years a diamond ring because, quite simply he believed that she has had a “hard life”. After a lifetime of struggle and after decades together, the elderly man wanted to show his gratitude. Oddity Central reports that the staff at the jewelry store in Xinjiang were surprised when approached by the elderly couple.

Try this one on. The elderly couple pictured in the jewellery store trying on the diamond ring

The man spent much of his life as a cleaner and both he and his wife had struggled to make ends meet. He hoped that this gift would help cheer his wife up after around half a century of hardship by his side.
I think this will do nicely, thanks. The 80-year-old agrees the ring is the right one

Try this. The Chinese man spent his life-savings to gift his wife of many years a diamond

His reason for buying the diamond ring? He said simply that 'she has had a hard life'

The elderly man pulls out a wad of small bank notes to pay for the ring. He told staff his wife deserved to have the diamond because of their life-time of struggles