The new employee Covid-19 movement certificates from March 1

Where and how they can be downloaded

Employees will need new travel forms from Monday, March 1st to attend their workplaces. The new certificates, as the Ministry of Labor points out in an announcement, will be valid until Monday, March 8.

From Tuesday 9 March companies are required to re-issue Covid-19 movement certificates which can be valid for up to 14 days.

These certificates can be issued from 25/2/2021. The new forms can be accessed electronically by the PS. “ERGANI” of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, as well as from the website, following an affidavit statement – application of the employer, which is granted exclusively to employees who provide them in person to the employer company.

It should be reminded that no movement certificate is issued to those employees who are in:

(a) suspension of employment,
b) teleworking and
c) legal leave

and who can move only through the use of the 6 special categories, which allow the exceptional movement of citizens by sending an SMS to 13033.