The tantric sex vacation… for 30-minute orgasms!

Couples vacations that offer deeper enjoyment…

Tantric yoga for couples aimed at enhancing their body vibrations leading to more fulfilling sex is offered through tantric vacations in Sicily. The couples’ vacations are aimed at bringing participants closer together emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually by increasing the rush of kundalini energy within them.

The organizers state:

For four of our days together, there will be a morning, afternoon and sometimes evening session where we will learn about tantra, sacred sexuality, deep intimacy and genuine healing love.
Through deepening our connection with each other, we are often challenged by the resistances that come up which will propel each individual’s personal journey!

We will learn how to create a foundation of tantric love, trust and sacredness in order to experience deep intimacy together. Within the safety of this intimacy and love, we will explore feeling soul connections, moving energy together, and feeling immersed in ecstatic energy.

From there, we will learn how to integrate sacred sexual practices into that space of magical loving and intimacy to experience true sacred union… the kind of love-making that we were truly made for! (Please note that the actual sexual aspects will be assigned as home-play each night, not as part of the group sessions.)


And because Tantra is not about sexuality (or achieving the mythical half-hour orgasm), there will be breaks for wine-tasting tours and visits to Noto, the Baroque town that is a UNESCO site.

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