The top 10 agricultural products Greeks searched for the most in 2020

According to Wikifarmer

Wikifarmer presents the 10 most popular agricultural products that Greeks searched for in 2020.

According to the results in the relevant announcement, honey seems to have been the top search of consumers and businesses on, while potatoes were the second search.

The concern that emerged throughout 2020 due to the coronavirus, played a key role, as honey appeared as one of the top picks as it is known for its protective properties in terms of our immune system.

Potato came in second place. According to the data, this is definitely connected with the fact that many Greeks turned to cooking during the lockdowns at the same time and with the fact that the potato is a very popular choice all year round.

The opening of the restaurant during the summer also played a big role in the great search for potatoes. Oranges came in third place, a very popular fruit in both summer and winter. Oranges are a timeless pick because of the vitamin C they contain. The fourth and fifth place respectively are occupied by the also classic selections of apples and tomatoes.

The increase of searches regarding organic products is also important, a fact that shows that Greece is also following the trends abroad in terms of better and healthier nutrition and the search for products that have been grown in a more sustainable way.

The top ten is completed by searches for fish, a very popular product in our country, especially during the period of Lent.

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