The videos of the Turks shooting the Greek fishermen in Leros! (VIDEOS)

Is it orchestrated by Turkey?

A series of videos documenting the shooting incident off the shores of Leros on Sunday morning has been released by

The videos were recorded by the Greek fishermen who were shot by the Turkish fishermen when they tried to move to the point where they had left their gear at sea.

In the video, one can hear the Greek fisherman as he describes what happened a few minutes earlier, “today we went out like every day and the Turkish fishermen came to get our fishing gear. We went to protect them and shot at us with a gun six times. They threatened us too. They cried at the radio “I am turkish fishing boat, f@@k off”.

“Nice situation. Where have we come to. To be in Greek waters and to accept threats from the Turks and to shot at us”, the Greek fisherman is heard saying perfectly describing in just a few words the situation the Greek fishermen in Leros and other islands in the region experience in the last 15 days.

In another video a fisherman says “the situation is getting worse as it goes on. What will happen next? We have come to a situation that the Turks shoot at us in our own waters and we do nothing”, expressing the anguish of fishermen in the bordering islands.