The world’s 10 best airports for 2015 (pics)

Which is the best airport to be stuck in?


The world’s ten most sensational airports for 2015. Here are the ones where customers feel disappointed to leave thanks to the indoor jungles, aquariums, IMAX theaters, spas and endless hsops.

1. Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore (SIN)
Singapore Changi has held onto this spot for the last two decades. With luxurious layover indulgences including a spa, sauna, butterfly garden, showers and koi pond… it’s hard to leave. There’s even a five-star hotel inside.


2. Seoul Incheon International Airport, South Korea (ICN)
The airport offesr free shoers, ultra fast free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating with recliners and beanbags in soothing relaxation areas and all-round impeccable service. What more can you want?


3. Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan (HND)
It is tidy and efficient and is connected to the city center in rougly 45 minutes by public transport! The terminals are also reviewed to be good for airport sleepers.


4. Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan (TPE)
Taipei’s primary airport first snags traveler attention with a series of creatively themed gates that pay tribute to Hello Kitty, tea, Taiwan music and the Asian Oscars. Best yet are the themed chairs, free travel library and of course lounges with free 15-minute showers.


5. Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong (HKG)
Hong Kong International Airport is kept so clean that you can eat off the floor without worrying, or so they say. It is also the home to the nation’s largest IMAX theater and there are armrest-free chairs and ultra-friendly staff to attend to your every need!


6. Munich International Airport, Germany (MUC)
Run with true German precision, the airport is efficient, speedy and organized. Precise terminals include free coffee near gate 38 and the free relaxation zones that are both welcomed by the budget-conscious. The airport brewery and the Fit&Fly Spa are ideal. There’s also a casino, cinema and on-site mini golf, even surfing competitions.


7. Helsinki Airport, Finland (HEL)
The innovative and transit-friendly Helsinki International Airport impresses travelers with the sleep pods it recently introduced. There are ample charging points for plugs and USBs, free book swaps and unlimited Wi-Fi.


8. Vancouver International Airport, Canada (YVR)
Ultra-welcoming and well-designed the features include a giant aquarium and international departures lounge. Enjoy the dozens of art and museum exhibits and self-guided tours.


9. Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia (KUL)
Kuala Lumpur’s main terminal amazes travelers thanks to its indoor rainforest, there are wooden walkways along a forest floor and through the canopy. Restaurant options are plentiful and a movie lounge and sleeping area.


10. Zurich Kloten International Airport, Switzerland (ZRH)
Similar to Munich, Zurich’s International aiprot has precisiona nd efficiency. Its surroundings are clean and efficient and free Wi-Fi (for 60 mins).