The YouTuber behind the viral, jaw-dropping foam explosion explains the…clean-up process! (viral video)

And he is planning more practical science collaborations for 2020…

Surprisingly, the neighbors didn’t seem to notice when the science YouTuber Nick Uhas exploded a massive blue-foam volcano in David Dobrik’s backyard.

“Every time I pull into David’s house, I swear by happenstance the neighbor is pulling out and is always waving and smiling, so I feel like we’re off to a good start,” Uhas told Insider. “The thing that I was actually most surprised about is we did not get a phone call.”

The world record-breaking elephant-toothpaste experiment that Uhas uploaded on Thursday has millions of views across platforms, but it hasn’t elicited a response from either the neighborhood or the pair’s competition — yet.

Uhas and Dobrik first tried the experiment earlier this year, and the resulting TikTok took off, becoming the most viral clip on the short video-sharing platform of 2019. It was an attempt to dethrone the YouTuber Mark Rober, who filled a swimming pool with multicolored foam earlier this year.

But there was some contention over whether the pair’s red-foam attempt actually produced more cubic meters of foam than Rober’s. So Uhas and Dobrik redid the stunt with three times the ingredients, and the resulting mass of foam spilled over Dobrik’s backyard balcony and rose above the roof of his California home.

“We’re kind of hoping it turns into a little bit of a foam arms race but we don’t know, nothing has happened so far,” Uhas, who has performed the experiment hundreds of times in his career, said.

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