Deaths threats against Greek medical staff at Kranidi immigrants camp during Covid-19 inspection

He told reporters the staff world under extremely difficult conditions

Medical staff who went to the Kranidi migrant reception camp to monitor the spread of the Covid-19 virus among the refugees and immigrants last Tuesday were threatened, professor of Infectious Diseases, Sotiris Tsiodras revealed in yesterday’s daily briefing to reporters.

Immigrants, 148 of whom tested positive for coronavirus, accosted the experts upon their arrival at the centre in the Peloponnese.

As Mr. Tsiodras said the refugees and migrants in some cases levelled threats against the lives of the staff that went there to inspect the situation. Mr Tsiodras did not go into further details about his allegations. Asked about the importance of the immediate presence of the authorities at the centres of the virus spread, he said, among other things: “Immediate response is something very important. That is, to react instantly. We went to Kranidi on the same day that we were informed about the case, a site with very difficult population to control – I must say here – under extremely difficult conditions, with attacks against the staff of the National Public Health Organisation, with threats against people’s lives, with things that are not said in front of the camera.
And we went there and talked to them, we talked to their representatives, we gave to elbow-elbow greetings, as I and the Minister say. And we tried at the same time gain their trust, to show them that we are together.”