Theresa May pledges to block free movement of EU citizens to Britain

She wants to stop obstruction by “remainers”

Theresa May will place a triple lock on Brexit in the Tory manifesto to stop obstruction by diehard Remainers.
Tory sources say she is set to include specific pledges to overcome opposition within her party and in the Lords.
The manifesto is expected to commit the Conservatives to ending EU free movement and pulling out of both the single market and European Court of Justice.
Senior Tories see the three measures as essential in delivering last year’s referendum result.
One insider said Tory Remainers would be required to sign up to the package, ‘locking them in’.
Including the pledges in the manifesto will also make it much harder for peers to block Brexit.
Mrs May is expected to use the manifesto to ditch a number of high-profile policies from the Cameron era. Yesterday she left the door open to watering down – or even scrapping – Mr Cameron’s flagship vow to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on foreign aid.
Ministers refused to say whether the costly ‘triple lock’ on pensions will be retained, or whether the pledge to reduce net migration to the ‘tens of thousands’ will be kept when the manifesto is published in a fortnight.