This is the winner of the first CAR OF THE YEAR 2021 competition

The two top spots were taken by SUVs

The new Peugeot 2008 won the title of the Greek “CAR OF THE YEAR 2021”, after a vote by the editors of Newsauto and Car magazine.

The model’s all-around exceptional performance in combination with its advanced technological equipment tipped the scales in favour of the car making it the first Greek “CAR OF THE YEAR”, the new institution organised this year by newsauto, Car magazine and the THEMA media group.

The panel of electors named the French compact SUV the winner of the final ten, recognising the apt combination of practicality, safety, dynamic road characteristics, and a very good value for money.

The first Greek “CAR OF THE YEAR” competition included 30 new cars (not renewed or new versions) that were launched in the country in 2020. All, have been tested by the authors of the No. 1 automotive media outlet in the country, newsauto and the top car magazine in the country in circulation, and readability, Car.

The selectors initially chose the 10 best cars from the candidates and then, in a new selection process, each voter distributed 50 points to the cars, for the final winner to emerge.

The Peugeot 2008 took the coveted title with 108 points against 99 points of the Ford Puma, with the two small SUVs gaining the first two spots showing the dynamics of the cars of the kind.

The final score of CAR OF THE YEAR 2021:

Peugeot 2008: 108 points
Ford Puma: 99 points
Audi A3 Sportback: 75 points
Renault Captur: 73 points
Skoda Otavia: 68 points
Toyota Yaris: 68 points
Hyundai i20: 58 points
Mercedes GLA: 55 points
Volkswagen ID.3: 53 points
Land Rover Defender: 43 points