Man on Russian passenger flight to Moscow arrested

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Russian police arrested a man on a flight to Moscow from Siberia after he caused a commotion and threatened he was armed. The unruly passenger was drunk, investigators say. He tried to break into the cockpit, claiming he was armed. But no weapons were found on him.

A strange incident occurred today during an Aeroflot flight from Surgut, Siberia to Moscow, causing the plane to change course and to land in Khanty-Mansiysk, about 240 kilometers from its destination.

The passenger has been detained and the authorities investigate whether it is a hijacking attempt or not.

The Flight Radar website, which shows the air traffic, reports that the incident occurred during flight SU1515 with Boeing 737 VP-BRR.

According to sources, the plane landed after the crew convinced the passenger that the aircraft needed refueling.

However, an Interfax source argued that the passenger could be mentally unstable, while in the past he has been detained for excessive drinking.