Times: Greece expels Isis recruiters from refugee camp

The news site cites Greek police official

According to British site thetimes.co.uk, Greece is taking urgent action to tackle Islamist extremists who have infiltrated a large refugee camp on Lesbos and are alleged to be coercing migrants into joining Islamic State.
As the piece points out, Greece has been increasingly criticised by other western nations for the dire living conditions that thousands of refugees endure in the camp of Moria as illegal migration from Turkey overwhelms its neighbour. It has long been feared that the conditions could become fertile ground for radicalisation.
The article continues by claiming the crackdown comes amid lingering intelligence concerns that Isis militants are exploiting refugee flows from Syria and other parts of the Middle East to infiltrate Europe.
The British news site cited statements by a top Greek police official who said: “Suspected ‘baddies’ or people linked to them have entered the country, posing as refugees”

source: thetimes.co.uk