Tommy Robinson to face new hearing over contempt of Court

The activist appears to be targeted by the British state

Independent journalist and far-right activist Tommy Robinson is facing a fresh hearing over an allegation that he committed contempt of court.
He was jailed in May last year for filming and broadcasting footage of a criminal case of Muslim men involved in grooming rape gangs against young British girls. The accused men were subsequently convicted.
The decision to jail Robinson raised criticism by many, as the information he was allegedly presenting to the public during the trial was already in the public domain, as it had been reported on by other mainstream outlets.
The finding against Robinson, who stayed in prison for 12 months, a period in which he was transferred to a heavily Muslim populated prison and underwent extreme harassment, was quashed by the Court of Appeal in August after he won an appeal.
Now, Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has concluded there are “strong grounds” to bring new proceedings against him.
The first hearing in the case is due to take place at the High Court in London on 22 March.

Robinson’s book, Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam, was removed from Amazon last week following his permanent ban from Facebook and Twitter. The reasoning put forward behind his de-platforming from social media was that he called for the beheading of Muslims, an allegation that he yet to be proven.

Tommy Robinson recently uploaded a series of videos on his YouTube channel claiming BBC’s flagship current affairs show “Panorama” was preparing an expose hot-piece against him. In his videos, Robinson alleged the BBC producers of the programme were cooperating with extreme left groups and Islamist apologists to create a negative narrative about him.