Top of 10 least sexually active countries! (photos)

Greece considered most sexually active country in the world

According to a worldwide survey conducted condom manufacturing company “Durex”, Greeks and Brazilians are the most sexually active nations in the world, with 87% and 82% of their population having sex weekly. It is natural to focus on the champions of sex, but who are the least sexually active nations in the world. The same survey, which sampled over 26,000 people in 26 countries, found that the Japanese were the least interested in having sex, as it was reported that only 34% of them had sex on a weekly basis. Following is the list of the top 10 countries having the least sex. So, if getting lucky between the sheets is important to you and you’re thinking of relocating to a different country or traveling around the world, keep these numbers in mind. These percentages represent the number of citizens who report having sex on a weekly basis.

10. Thailand – 65%

9. New Zealand – 63%

8. Holland – 63%

7. Singapore – 62%

6. Australia – 60%

5. Canada – 59%

4. United Kingdom – 55%

3. USA – 53%

2. Nigeria – 53%

1. Japan – 34%