Govt wants to boost tourism sector — details pending

Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura met with heads of the tourism sector

Alternate Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura met with heads of Greece’s tourism sector to focus on priorities for the 2015 tourism season.

At the meeting, she outlined her office’s priorities for the tourism sector, which she believes can be a vehicle for Greece’s economic development — a position heard repeatedly in the east Mediterranean country for the past half century or so.

Kountoura, a former fashion model who once fronted for the cosmetics firm Shiseido, repeated the leitmotif for an extension of the tourism season year-round.

The head of the country’s tourism enterprises, Andreas Andreadis, said everyone involved in Greece’s tourism industry would work together to make Greece a leading destination.

Kountoura is one of the rightist Independent Greeks’ (AN.EL) deputies in the current coalition government led by leftist SYRIZA party.