Tourist is left dangling 100m in the air after glass-bottomed bridge shatters in China (video)

Tourist was left in danger after glass-bottomed bridge was damaged by winds

A tourist was left clinging on for dear life after the glass panels of a 100 meters high bridge in China were damaged in strong winds.

The glass-bottomed bridge is located at a resort built into the Piyan Mountain in the Chinese city of Longjing.

A terrifying image purportedly shows a man clinging onto the railing after winds of up to 90mph blew away some of the glass panels on Friday.

A photo of the stranded tourist was initially shared to the country’s Weibo social media platform, where it amassed more than four million views.

According to a report in the Straits Times, the man was stuck on the bridge for a brief period.

He crawled to safety, guided by firefighters, police, and forestry and tourism workers.

The man was later taken to hospital where he has been receiving psychological counseling following the ordeal.

The image has since been shared many times on Twitter, where people have been expressing their horror.

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‘This is basically one of my anxiety dreams played out in the real world,’ one Twitter user commented.

‘This is terrifying,’ another said.

It is understood that the resort was closed for a brief period following the potentially fatal incident.

Chinese mountain resorts are increasingly featuring popular glass-bottom bridges as a way to attract tourists.

The city of Zhangjiajie, northwest of China’s Hunan province, features a famous glass bridge which hangs an incredible 300m above the ground.

The 430m-long, 6m-wide bridge is built between two steep cliffs.

Source: Daily Mail