Traffic measures to be put into effect for Polytechnic celebrations

Measures to last until Friday

Traffic police are putting extraordinary traffic regulations start from today until Friday in Athens due to the planned celebrations for the 44th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising.
As police announced, diversions have been planned for today and Thursday concentrating around the Polytechnic in downtown Athens and Kanningos Square.
The same traffic measures will be in effect on Friday when the main march is scheduled to take place, with the measures excepted to be expanded and include additional roads and streets around the wider area incorporating the roads and boulevards of Alexandras, Patission, Stadiou, Vas. Sofias, as well as their parallel and perpendiculars.
The above traffic regulations will take effect gradually and will be dependent on the traffic situation.
Moreover, changes will be made to the bus and trolleybus routes and bus stops.

Motorists are being requested by the traffic police to avoid driving and parking their vehicles in or around the roads and streets enclosed in the march and celebration events, from today until Friday 17-11-2017.