Transgender teenager gang-raped by three men in Belgium

The teen went out with friends as a girl

A transgender teenager was gang-raped by three men on her first night out as a female, police have been told.

The teenager went out with two friends to the Red & Blue gay club in Antwerp on June 22 last year where she was allegedly harassed by a 34-year-old man.

When she went outside to get some fresh air, the man and two others, aged 24 and 25, allegedly followed her and put her in a taxi while she was confused about what was happening. In the taxi, the 24-year-old suspect reportedly began to grope her.

The teenager, who said she tried to force the man off her but couldn’t, was then taken to a flat in the Deurne borough of Antwerp, where she was raped in turns by the three men, according to local media.

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