Try the most expensive chocolate in the world

It costs a mere…5,600 euros per kilo

If you have a sweet tooth for sweets and especially for chocolates then this mouth-watering bar will definintely tickle your fancy. Only there is a catch, a huge catch…It costs a mere 5,600 euros per kilo.

The most expensive chocolate in the world was made in India and is made up of a triple chocolate combination by Michelin-starred French chef Philippe Conticini and will be released in a limited number of pieces.

The expensive chocolate will have ingredients collected from all over the world. It has, for example, coffee from the Jamaican Blue Mountains, Mexican vanilla (Tahitian vanilla beans), white Belgian chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts from the United Kingdom, ingredients that raise the cost of the truffle!

So if you have a serious appetite for chocolate and deep pocket then line up for this bar…