Tsipras warns of far-right rise if creditors impede his govt’s election promises

During his meeting with Pierre Laurent

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sent an indirect message to European leaders on Sunday by pointing to a possible rise of far-right populist powers in Europe if his own government’s promises are met, after a meeting with Pierre Laurent, the general secretary of France’s Communist Party.


Tsipras called on EU leaders to respect the recent Greek election results and not to apply pressure to block his radical leftist party’s campaign promises. Tsipras estimates that if Brussels and Berlin continue to block ruling SYRIZA’s pre-election pledges, the only ones who will gain are far-right parties and populists.


He statements cited what he called the French example, with the rise of the far-right in a traditionally democratic country. His statements also came one day after the meetings with EC President Jean-Claude Juncker and EP president Martin Schultz. Juncker bemoaned the fact that major progress on reforms has not be posted, while he warned that a deal between Athens and the lenders is pending.