Tsipras: We are through with the possibility of a Grexit, and there is only a Samaras-exit

Statements by the opposition leader

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras spoke, yesterday, in Corinth.


He said that hope is coming, dignity, democracy; Greece is ready to take the plunge into tomorrow. Noone, he said, can stop this hope for the future. Only a small handful is afraid, like Mr. Samaras.


The time comes, he claimed, that the Memorandum will be gone and with it, the politicians who supported it.


Alexis Tsipras “attacked” the PM saying that fear and insults are used when the latter tries to stop SYRIZA’s advance. He stated that the PM went so far as to use the Paris terrorist attacks as a black propaganda. Mr. Tsipras talked about political vulgarity and extreme right-wing reasoning.


He underlined that the bloody attack on Paris concerns everyone because its target was freedom of expression and the very idea of Democracy. He added “We unequivocally condemn thtese actions”, but should not address this heinous crime by limiting the rule of law.


Mr. Tsipras added that the PM invests in the fears and propaganda and that he is the only one who speaks of a Grexit, even after the foreign press and Europe officials, ceased. “After the latest developments, we are through with the possibility of a Grexit, and there is only a Samaras-exit”, stated Mr. Tsipras.