Turkey blasts Greece over decision to grant asylum to 8 Turkish officers

Turkish soldiers considered traitors in Turkey

The Turkish Foreign Ministry’s spokesman described the decision by the Greek legal system to grant asylum to the eight Turkish officers who fled to Greece on the night of the failed military coup attempt in June 2016 as “hostile”.

In his statements on the irrevocable ruling of the Council of State (CoS), Hami Aksoy wondered how “a country claiming to be the cradle of democracy but provides asylum to traitors who are involved in destroying a democracy of a neighbouring country through a coup.”

“It is a situation that needs attention,” added the spokesman of the Turkish Foreign Minister, claiming Greece was in violation of International Law!

“Just as it [Greece] does not apply International Law, it does not apply the Law of a good neighbour,” said Hami Aksoy and urged Greece to avoid hostile actions.

Turkey considers the 8 Turkish soldiers as traitors.