Turkey issues provocative Navtex in Greek continental shelf

The Barbaros oil drilling ship will be conducting seismographic surveys until Sunday

Turkey issued a Navtex warning on Thursday, blocking off areas in the Greek continental as it planned to dispatch the oil drilling vessel Barbaros to the area for seismographic surveys.
According to Navtex 0017/19 issued on Thursday morning, the oil drilling ship will be accompanied by two supporting vessels, the M / V TANUX-1, and the R / V Apollo.
The provocative Navtex is valid from today, Thursday, until the dawn of the 5th of January.
At 1 pm Thursday, the Barbaros was in the Cypriot EEZ in the eastern part of plot 4.

The section on this Navtex in the eastern Mediterranean overlaps part of the Cypriot EEZ and a large part of the Greek continental shelf.
On Wednesday, Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Turkey would continue to “defend” its interests in the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean, explaining it was the way Turkey had intervened in Cyprus.