Turkey provokes Greece calling for dialogue over “Turkish” minority in Thrace

Erdogan’s spokesperson gave an interview to Anadolu Agency

In an interview with Turkish Anadolu News Agency, Ibrahim Kalin, the presidential spokesperson and special adviser to the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan raised the issue of a “Turkish ethnic minority” in the region of Thrace in north eastern Greece.

During the interviw,the Turkish official said that “with Greece we can talk directly about issues such as the Aegean, and resolve differences of opinion or differences that arise from time to time. These channels of communication have been open in the past and may be open from now on. ”

“We have Muslim citizens of Turkish origin who live there, there is a Turkish Muslim minority in Western Thrace, they have issues and other matters. Through negotiations it is always possible, talking to each other, to bridge the distance. During their last telephone conversation, the two leaders (Greek PM Mitsotakis spoke with Erdogan) showed their willingness in this direction,” he said.

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