Turkey violates Greek airspace 42 times!

CN-235 spy planes escorted by loaded F-16 jets over Aegean Sea

The Turkish Air force violated Greek airspace a total of 42 times on Tuesday. Two reconnaissance CN-235 aircraft accounted for 34 of the violations, with a total of 8 Turkish planes infringing the Athens FIR without permission. The CN-235 followed a high altitude flight path, with 2 armed F-16 fighter jets accompanying them, according to information obtained by Protothema.gr. This is the first time since Turkey has violated Greek airspace that reconnaissance planes had the escort of fighter jets. The Hellenic National Defence General Staff (GEETHA) recorded the violation of national airspace on 8 instances, in the across the Aegean Sea by three pairs of F-16 jets and two CN-235 planes.