Turkish Air Force violates Greek airspace 99 times

Tensions escalate in the Aegean Sea

The Turkish Air Force unleashed a barrage of violations and infringements over the Greek national airspace on Tuesday, as 12 Turkish fighter jets, six CN-235 electronic warfare planes and another Turkish helicopter proceeded to illegally enter Greek airspace on 99 occasions.

Of the 12 Turkish F-16s, the six were armed and in one incident they engaged in a dog fight with a squadron of Greek fighter jets as they carried out 46 violations of national airspace.

In addition, 56 more violations were recorded by Turkish CN-235 spy aircraft in the Central and Southeastern Aegean.

Five of the violations were the overflights by Turkish F-16 at 09:34 over Kinaros Island at 27,000 feet, at 18:05 above Pharmakonisi Island at 24,000 feet, at 18:11 over Arki at 22,000 feet at 18:18 above the island of Pharmakonisi at 24,500 feet and above the island of Lipsi at 22,000 feet.

According to the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, the Turkish aircraft were “identified and intercepted according to international rules of engagement and standard procedures practices”.