Turkish army fires on Kurdish position in Syria

The Turkish forces attacked YPG units as they claim they were first fired upon first

The Turkish troops, deployed in Syria’s Afrin, have opened fire at the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) several times in response to the latter’s fire from the city of Tell Rifaat, according to the Turkish Defence Ministry.

The members of the Turkish Armed Forces, deployed in the Euphrates Shield Operation, have shot 5 howitzers in the districts of Tell Rifaat to the southeast of Afrin, according to media reports.

Earlier today, local media reported about a car explosion in the Syrian city of Afrin, though the number of casualties has not been clarified.

The YPG/PKK reportedly organised two attacks targeting civilians on Afrin’s city centre on 20 January. As a result of the attacks, 10 civilians lost their lives, 18 people were injured.

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