Turkish helicopters do night flights between Rhodes and Kastelorizo

They are taking off from Turkish frigates

About 15 Turkish warships, including frigates and missile boats, are moving into international waters south of Rhodes. The Turkish flotilla sailing in the area near the point where the FIR of Athens joins the FIR of Nicosia includes two to three Turkish submarines, which are taking part in the naval exercise.

A little after midnight on Monday, a number of night flights by Turkish helicopters taking off from the Turkish frigates were recorded. The helicopters flew in the sea area between Rhodes and Kastelorizo

In addition to the night flights of Turkish helicopters that continued in the morning hours of Tuesday, there are also CN-235 electronic warfare aircraft in the south-eastern Aegean Sea.

On Monday, 13th of May, three Turkish F-16 fighter jets flew at a height of about 27,000 feet above Chios and Oinousses.
The Greek Ministry of Defence is carefully evaluating the Turkish, in order to determine whether they are intentional actions or errors.