Turkish MoD warns Greece and Cyprus over moves in Mediterranean and Aegean Sea

Turkey ratchets up provocative rhetoric against Greece, Cyprus, and Israel

Turkish officials continued to adopt belligerent rhetoric against Greece and Cyprus, as the country’s Minister of Defence, General Hulusi Akar warned that Turkey would not accept any fait accompli actions in the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.
Addressing the military officers in an Ankara command, the Turkish Defence Minister issued a warning against Greece and Cyprus that the Armed Forces were in a position to intervene to secure the rights of the country and those of the pseudo-state in the region.
“Everyone should know that in the Aegean and the Mediterranean no project can survive without Turkey and the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’. Everyone should know that they should avoid the provocations that can create risks in the area,” he underlined.

He went on to liken the Turkish armed forces as the “Prophet’s (Mohammad) Queen”, which protected the rights and interests of Turkey and the pseudo-state of Northern Cyprus in the region.

Earlier, Erdogan’s financial adviser, Yigit Bulut, in an article in Turkish newspaper “Star”, said Turkey would take all “necessary steps to protect its rights in the eastern Mediterranean if needed”, accusing Greece, Cyprus and Israel of playing a “dirty game” in the region under the protection of their global powers and “big brothers”.