Turkish politician threatens Cyprus with new invasion!

Is Turkey preparing its public opinion psychologically for a new invasion in Cyprus?


Speaking to the Turkish National Assembly, Erdogan’s former presidential and political candidate, Meral Aksener, spoke of imperialists who are playing games in Cyprus through the oil and gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“Do not forget that, if necessary, Aisse will go on vacation again, and Cyprus is and will remain Turkish”, the Turkish politician said in a clear threat.

The phrase “Aisse will go on vacation” was the code for the start of the “Attila” Operation in Cyprus in 1974.

The Turkish politician’s statements come after Ankara’s new provocation when the Turkish research vessel “Barbaros” entered on Tuesday into the Cyprus EEZ without authorization escorted by four Turkish Navy ships.

The US State Department sent on Wednesday a tough message to Ankara regarding this provocation, noting that the US discourages any actions that will increase tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean.