Turkish President Erdogan: We will kill or die to build a great Turkey (video)

Turkish President completely unhinged after success in Afrin

In the latest demonstration of how demonstrably unhinged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has become, the Turkish leader said that he would not hesitate to offer lives or take lives in pursuit of his vision to create a powerful Turkey. Speaking at a gathering in the city of Samsun, Mr Erdogan raved on who he envisioned Turkey in the future ratcheting up the war cries to a whole new level. “We will definitely build the great (strong) Turkey. If we need to we will give our lives, if necessary, we will take lives”, the bellicose neo-Sultan said, threatening to unleash new military operations after the capture of the city of Afrin in Syria. He went on to say that the Turks will never forget the wounds inflicted on “our heart” by the artificial borders they put in place. “After Afrin, the resurrection begins”. “My statements reflect Turkey’s determination, state policies and the feelings of the people. We will succeed or we will die”, he said.