Two earthquakes hit near Iranian Nuclear Power Plant hours after missile strike, plane crash

Misery loves company…

Iran was struck by two earthquakes near a nuclear power plant on Wednesday after a chaotic day that saw the country launch missiles at two U.S. military bases in Iraq before a passenger plane crashed and killed dozens in an unrelated incident.

According to the Washington Post, a 4.9 magnitude earthquake hit the southwestern part of the country around 9 a.m. local time before a 4.5-magnitude aftershock struck a half-hour later. There were no immediate reports of casualties, local news outlets said. A 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit the area less than two weeks ago.

Wednesday’s quakes struck within 12 miles of the city of Borazjan, located near the Bushehr nuclear power plant, CNN reported.

There were no reports of damage at the facility, but seven people were injured, including four who were hospitalized, the Times of Israel said.

The plant was designed to withstand earthquakes up to magnitude 9, the Post reported. It was opened in 2011 with assistance from Russia, the Associated Press noted.

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