Two Greek students win 3rd spot in International Conference for Young Scientists 2018

A great distinction for two students from Ioannina

Two Greek high school students from public schools in Ioannina received the bronze medal in the 25th International Conference for Young Scientists in the category of engineering last Friday.
Marina Kandreli and Konstantinos Lolos, pupils from the 7th General and Zosimea, respectively, took the third spot with their project “Zephyrus II”.

More than 230 projects from 32 countries were presented at the prestigious event in Belgrade between April 18 and 25. The two students took advantage of the award-winning Zephyrus II, conducted jointly with other students from public high schools in Ioannina, in the CanSat space competition. The two students authored scientific papers for the design and realisation of microsatellite system.

The Ministry of Education expressed its warmest congratulations to the two distinguished students and their educators for their success.

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