Two in three Greeks want elections now, nationwide Marc poll shows

70% of Greeks are against the Prespes Agreement

Two in three Greeks said were in favour of general elections immediately, according to a nationwide poll conducted by Marc for The survey was carried out between January 14 and 16 January 2019.

Following the most recent developments in the Greek political scene with the departure of the Independent Greeks (ANEL) party from the coalition government, 70% of the respondents believed the move split up was agreed beforehand as a tactical move.

With regard to the Prespes Agreement, 7 out of 10 Greeks (69.6%) had a “negative” or “probably negative” view of the deal that recognised FYROM as “northern Macedonia”, the recognition of a Macedonian language and identity.
Only 26.5% of the participants believe that the Prespes Agreement is positive or probably positive for Greek interests.

Answering to the question: “after the departure of ANEL, do you want the government to receive a vote of confidence in the House or to call for immediate elections”, 65.5% of the respondents say “go to elections”, while 29.7% or about three in 10 expressed their preference for the government, with 4.8% declining to answer.