Unions prepare for nationwide strike on November 1

567 unions will be represented in the rally

Various union groups have joined their voices with that of the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) in a massive national rally due to take place on November 1. Specifically, the organizations, federations, regional trade unions and other associations number 527 and are calling for:

• Unemployment benefits at 600 euros, for all unemployed people without terms and preconditions, for the whole period of unemployment

• Nobody should work with salaries less than 751€. Nobody should work without health insurance, without collective contracts and sectoral salaries to be set at levels that existed prior to 2009

• All the needs of the Insurance Funds must be met by the State and the employers. PAME wants full state guarantees for all pensions and benefits with the minimum pension rate set at 600 euros.

• The abolition of anti-labor acts, laws against health insurance, industrial relations, laws affecting pensions, wages and salaries as well as the abolition of taxes that affect pensions and salaries.