Urban works on Athens Riviera to start soon

Redevelopment of area expected to stem floods and improve aesthetics

Urban works for the gentrification of the Faliton inlet are scheduled to start soon and are expected be completed in 2 years. The plans involve taking down the elevated road and the construction of a new route on the shore side. Speaking to state broadcaster ERT, the Prefect of the southern region of Attica, Christos Kapatsis said the road to be torn down was part of a section of Poseidonos avenue that had been blocked with rubbish which blocked access to citizens and was dangerous. The road will be shifted by 90 metres towards the seaside with the dried up canal acting as a platform for machinery to drain water pumping it into the sea. He added that Ethnarchopu Makariou (old Poseidonos avenue) would not be affected but would aesthetically improved. The surrounding routes that led to the Tae Kwon Do stadium will close. According to the plan, after the first phase of tearing down the elevated road, the second stage will involve the building of a biological cleaning system of rainwater to allow for sufficient water for the park to be created. The Attica prefecture believes the redevelopment of the area will aid 160,000 local residents against floods.