US banker who had staged his own death, arrested

In Georgia, USA

Banker Aubrey Lee Price, head of Montrgomery Bank & Trust in Georgia, USA, was accused during the summer of 2012 for embezzling a huge amount of money, which he transferred from customer accounts to accounts under his control.

In order to escape arrest, the banker staged his own death. He sent his family a letter stating he was suffering from depression and he was going to commit suicide by jumping in the sea. He made certain to record his boarding a Florida-bound ship and ensuing disappearance.

Authorities officially declared him as dead, but the FBI never stopped looking for him. During a routine check in George, the clever banker was arrested for a driving offense and his identity was revealed. His trial for embezzling 45,000,000 dollars took place on Tuesday. The accuracy of the amount is uncertain.

Price was sentenced to thirty years in prison. He defended himself by claiming that he wanted to protect his bank’s customers from the mishandling of the bank’s executives, while he also said that his own finances as well as his customers’ were in tatters.