US consulate in Zurich evacuated due to suspect package

Bag contained anti-US messages

The US consulate in Switzerland’s financial capital, Zurich, was evacuated due to a suspicious object, according to news website Blick. The American consulate in Zurich was evacuated after workers found a suspicious package in the entryway on Monday morning. Police have since declared the area safe and allowed workers back inside.
The disposable bag had anti-American messages on it, including the words, “for the SWAT team”. Zurich city police were summoned to the scene at about 7:45 in the morning, reported the Swiss News Agency.
The consulate is located in an office building in Zurich’s Seefeld neighbourhood. That building as well as a second office building were evacuated for the police operation. Forensics officers were on the scene and the area was blocked off to traffic and pedestrians for a few hours.